EISMulticampus facilities in Gdynia


Einstein Multicampus

Einstein Multicampus – This is a network of facilities in three locations in Gdynia that offer the IB PYP (candidate status) program. The buildings of our establishments are strategically located in close proximity to each other. Each campus is equipped with resources and infrastructure to provide quality education in line with international IB standards. Einstein’s multicampus ensures consistency in the delivery of this program across all locations, meaning that regardless of the campus chosen, students receive an integrated educational experience.

Each campus offers a rich variety of classes and extra-curricular activities that support students’ development on many levels. All Einstein campuses create an inspiring educational atmosphere that encourages creativity, independent thinking and growth. As a result, students have the opportunity not only to acquire knowledge, but also to develop as holistic individuals ready for the challenges of a global society. Our facilities are the ideal place for your child to grow in a friendly and inspiring environment. To learn more about us, contact us!